Garage Floor Paint.

I'm building a garage for my Old car and would like to paint the floor. It's been power floated. Anyone done this recently?? If so, any recommendations??

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Charles Hamilton
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I did mine with the polyurethane floor paint from Screwfix. Red or Grey I think, and fairly cheap. I'd say you want to give it a couple of coats. One of the problems I have (and you maybe) is that floating the concrete brought the 'fat' to the surface, so the top layer tends to be cement dust which is pretty weak - drop a hammer on it and the paint gets dislodged. But it's only a garage floor so there's no point becoming hysterical about it!


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I'm looking to do the same soon. You're quite right to want to apply some floor covering, if only to seal the concrete against fluids. All of the floor paints I've seen say NOT to apply them to power floated concrete. It needs to be etched first, either with acid or mechanically abraded. I didn't do this in a garage I built with a power floated floor and the paint didn't adhere as well as I'd hoped. The options seem to be a normal air drying paint or an epoxy type paint at a much higher price. I'm not sure if that's worth it. The air drying paint is quite soft but it's cheap to re-apply another coat later. Have you considered tiling the floor? There's varoius grades available. I had some floors tiled in a brewery when I worked there. They were very impressive. It depends what you intend to use the area for. We tiled the very heavy traffic areas with steel floor tiles. Not so pretty but almost indestructable. I will be interested in other peoples experiences

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We used a concrete sealer from Applied chemicals on the original factory floor at Luton, it is water soluble but oil grease and petrol proof. Comes in a box of

4 X 5 litres. That was a power floated floor BTW.

If all you need is to stop the dust etc., then that will do fine, dries in less than 1/2 hour and you can recoat whenever you want. Apply with soft broom, no nasty fumes/vapours.

Company is now called Orapi Applied:

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Product code is D7890

I'll have a data sheet during the morning, I'll email it on to you. Peter

-- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Rushden, UK

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Peter A Forbes

Good idea. I painted my garage floor with red floor paint some forty years ago and except for the high traffic areas, it is still in fair order. I floated the floor in by hand, so adhesion wasn't a problem then.

Me, I'm briefly back for two days then off for the final week's filming & home Sunday.


Kim Siddorn

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Kim Siddorn

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