Guldner Diesel ~3 HP

Looking for info on the small hopper-cooled Guldner (uumlat over the
u) Moteren-Werke Aschaffenburg diesel engines. This one is ~3 HP. Need
an exploded view and starting instrutions. Cute little engine... I am
restoring it for an 80 year-old friend who had it shipped over from
Germany in the trunk of a VW sedan about 30 years ago. Barn kept all
this time. As I recall he said he paid 20 bucks for it. It is not
stuck and probably needs some TLC and a good going over. Good advice
and weapons-grade B.S. appreciated. P
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Paul Gray
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Haven't seen much on them over the years, they were best known for the Lanova combustion chamber they utilised as much as anything.
Strangely enough, this was also used by Petter on the AA1 diesel. I had an enquiry about a Lister LP1 the other day which was purported to use the Lanova system. Never heard of that one, but it is a rebadged Petter AA1...
-- Peter & Rita Forbes Engine pages for preservation info:
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Peter A Forbes
Hi Paul I think the man to answer your questions would be Wouter van Goulik (sp?) of Holland who I believe lurks here. In any event he has a webpage which I'm sure Google will turn up. good luck
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Roland and Celia Craven
Wouter van Gulik:-
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Nick Highfield

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