Lister CS Spare Parts Wanted

Does anyone know where I can get a couple of spare parts for my Lister
CS 3/1. The parts I need are a Water Flange (Part No 8-2-24) and a
Crankshaft Felt Ring (Part No 3-664) Tried Seddons but no luck.
Regards, Steve Nail
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Volvox Engineering has the water flanges for =A35.60
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and a mate of mine has a complete gasket set for a 3/1 - he showed me it on Saturday, complete with two felt rings. Bought it from Mead Plant in Luton for about =A320 - every gasket/ copperwasher you would ever need on a CS 3/1. Seemed a bargain because I have previously paid nearly that for the 3/1 head gasket alone.
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Cheers for the info Ken, I'll be ordering those tomorrow and thanks for searching and geting the details on them it is very much appreciated. I thought it would be months before I could get anything for it.
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