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We had a friend over from California this week, who is also a friend
of Tim & Sally in San Jose, so a half-suitcase of books came over with
him, which we collected at Winnersh this afternoon on the way back
from Salisbury (again)
Not all are engine-related, but three may be of interest:
Diesel Engine Catalog 1949 Volume 14. Nice period snapshot of the new
and the fading away in the USA industry. Venn-Severin were there, and
a lot of names that are long gone now. Also a company selling AV1 and
AV2 engines under their own name, Series 1 engines as well!
Link-belt Silent Chain, copyright 1914, nice book of chain systems and
fittings for engines, line-shafting etc etc. Might be able to make up
a section on the website for some of the stuff in this book.
Metals & Alloys Data Book. S.L. Hoyt 1943. A very comprehensive book
which came with another: Mechanical Properties of Metals and Alloys in
the same ebay deal. The author's name caught my eye originally, I
wonder if he is in any way related to Hoyts Metals?
A large Slick aircraft magneto service folder also came over, but that
is all aero stuff, not stationary.
Peter A Forbes
Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK
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A new new book I'm particularly enjoying is the history of Southern Cross in Oz. There earliest offerings were based on a Victoria and an unknown (but French looking) engine. I believe David Edgington has a few copies left if any spouses are stuck for a pressie :-) regards Roland
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Roland and Celia Craven

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