new workshop /engine shed

Just this week my dad decided we need bigger shed !!
so we have the foundations dug , and concrete will be coming tommorrow
afternoon ,weather permitting.
those who've seen my shed , they'll know it was'nt big enough to swing
a cat in !
will post a few pics of the goings on tommorow .
check out my webshots ,i've uploaded pictures of the first rally on the
calender , clonroche in wexford .
fairly good rally, with a resonable amount of engines for the size of
it .
make sure you see the nice repair to a fordson major block !
see also the green & red engine , which i could not identify , had no
markings /plates on it at all ; any ideas ???
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Also - im looking for a condenser for a BTH M1 , can anyone help ?
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After you've had your bigger shed for a while, you'll look round and see that its full, and say 'We need a bigger shed' Trust me on this :-)
Nice rall;y pictures, the trailer mounted Crossley on the first one belonged to my late friend, Sam Marshall. It was sold at Sodbury, and I was told that it was going to a new home in Ireland. I'm very pleased to see that its out on the rallyfield again. Sam would have approved.
Philip T-E
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hello philip ,
just to let you know that i know the man who owns the engine now , and i can assure you that it's gone to a very good home .
it is a beautiful engine with very interesting history .i could sit and watch it all day! the water jacket repair is amazing - how did he achieve such a great finish ? what did he use ,
regards ,
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We got the concrete in on saturday afternoon .
one pic on webshots to show the size of old and soon to be new :
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What's wrong with using that 'shed' at the back? -- Regards,
John Stevenson Nottingham, England.
Visit the new Model Engineering adverts page at:-
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John Stevenson
Rubble around the back door..
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