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We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold. I remember tony sayer saying something like:

>Wonder if anyone could help please?. > >I've got a rather vintage, believed to be 1950 or thereabouts, Enfield >diesel engine that drives a generator. This unit worked very well until >recently when the starter motor decided to throw in the towel;!. > >I believe its an Enfield 85 HO2, a two cylinder twin horizontally >opposed arrangement. The starter motor as dismantled is full of small >bits of steel wire and seems rather sophisticated perhaps for its time >being pre engaged. > >No one round here is interested in repairing it or rewinding it either. >Its made by "Simms" and is a 512SG 1052 this company aren't to the best >of my knowledge around anymore!. > >Does anybody know of someone who might be able to repair or who would >know of a modern equivalent which would directly bolt in place without >too much modification?. > >Any help gratefully received thanks!...

x-posted to uk.rec.engines.stationary in the sure and certain knowledge that someone will know.

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