SEM again

Mine arrived yesterday morning and I consumed it at one sitting, along with me bacon sandwich.

Nothing of especial note - and I did find my attention wandering through Bob Weight who seems to me to be looking for summut to write about.

Nick Highfield's article about Kubuto engines was good - what a curious device to be selling in the modern world of high speed whizzy things.

The Cheffin's report mentioned an Armstrong Siddeley radial that failed to sell. Does anyone know where it is now?


J. Kim Siddorn,

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Kim Siddorn
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"Kim Siddorn" wrote (snip):-

Coincidental that DWE's 'Engine Torque' mentioned the National AH1 (Lying down on the job) which was aimed at a similar market.

SEM got my email address wrong - again - and picture captions (not supplied by me) are somewhat misleading implying 'before and after' whereas in fact only the one with the polished (well, unpainted!) hopper is mine, the others being engines which Karel Quirynen found for sale in Holland. Apart from that I think it came out OK :-)

I can assure you I was as surprised as anyone at the possibility of this being a correct engine colour and was all set to re do it in something more tasteful until Karel's email arrived.

Anyone remember the Tom Robinson Band? I predict you will all soon be singing:-

Wish I had a pink Kubota, Polished hopper and flywheel rim. Kubota owner no one meaner, Wish that I could be like him!

(TRB Grey Cortina song)

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Nick H

You were paying too much attention to the bacon sarnie Kim, it was an Alvis Leonides radial :-))


Philip T-E

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Was there not one on ebay within the last few months? seems quite recent but probably spring time..


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Peter A Forbes


I saw that some of us got mentioned in despatches in one form or other. I think the only name not mentioned was Peter Forbes :-)) Will try to rectify that for you next month Peter.

Martin P

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Thanks, Martin, but I don't take SEM, haven't for a few years now, so not a problem.

Still enjoy reading the back issues though, they were generally better IMO for content even if the pictures were not as large and colourful as they are now.

I did see a copy in Smiths in the Arndale Centre a month or so back, but couldn't raise the interest to look through it.


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Peter A Forbes

I only got mine this morning - the joys of living outside a major town! Glad to see there's a good example of care in the community on page 22 ;-) The National did eventually run after correcting valve timing, incorrectly assembled mag and faulty governors. Subsequent investigation by Jon found the carb butterfly was on the wrong way so it was governing backwards! No wonder it had been in several sales and no-one wanted it!



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Dan Howden

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