Thank You Martin

We collected a Lister JK4 47kVA generating set today from Bedford Hospital.

Martin very kindly offered to come along and help us out with some labout and experience, which was very useful indeed.

We arrived at 08.30 and were all finished and home again by 14.15, the set is on the trailer up the farm. It has run for 154 hours since new as far as we can see from the hourmeter, and is in almost new of oily condition. The JK4 is the later version of the JP4, without compression change-over controls.

Thanks, Martin!


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Peter A Forbes
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No problem, glad to help a neighbour it also got me out of a few hours decorating :-)) Just remember though, I not only have the build of a Bull Elephant I also have the memory of one :-)) Also nice to meet your son Philip who appears as daft as you with anything mechanical. I feel sorry for your wife.

Martin P

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Blimey, Peter, what are you going to load that with then?

What does it weigh?

Nice to hear from you! Let us know when you run the beast.

Regards, Arthur G

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Arthur Griffin & Jeni Stanton

Rita thanks you for your concern.... :-))

Pictures at:

formatting link

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Peter A Forbes

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