Treble Strewth

I've just been seriously outbid on this:

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(Just plug the number into Ebay search)

Do these guy's know something we don't? Maybe the price of cast iron has just gone up to £500 per once or something!



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Mark Howard
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And the good news is I have one !!

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Pete Aldous

Mark, its certainly a nice bit of kit, but the final price seems a tad high.

Perhaps Gordon Brown has lost control of inflation on ebay!

I need to sell something quick ;-)

Regards, Arthur G

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Arthur Griffin & Jeni Stanton

cynical viewpoint,

Good working Lister "D" £75.00 Lister Pump £100.00 Timber and Wheels £25.00 Total £200.00 tops.


My idea of a joke.

Martin P

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Maybe I was too cynical too because that's what I bid! Oh well..........shame, it is a nice piece of kit.

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Mark Howard

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