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Mornin all.
Just back from a wonderful holiday in the UK and amongst a great running
Class 20 (Thanks John!) I somehow arrived home with a Bachman Container 2
Maybe its the jet lag, but I cant figure out where the yellow bits and the
gray bits that come in the blister packet, are meant to go, and I cant find
pics on their web site or elsewhere.
Can anyone help?
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Rob Kemp
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The long grey bits are the door locking mechanisms that fit in the holes on the end of the container- they should push fit tight, but you might want to super-glue them.. The small grey squares are label holders, and fit in holes on the container sides. The yellow bits represent the 'Twist-lock' mountings that hold the container on to the wagon- fix one in the hole in each corner of the bottom of the container, with the sloping bit on the out side. Again, they should push-fit in to hold the box to the wagon- exact fittings will depend on the size of the box. Distribute the spare ones equally amongst the holding-down points on either side of each wagon. The photo on Mark Waters' site, below, gives some indication of location for the twist-lock mountings:-
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box is one of Mark's own construction, so hasn't got the same end fittings as the Bachmann ones. Brian
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BH Williams
"Rob Kemp" wrote
Really good to meet with you Rob (and your gorgeous wife) after all this time. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay in the UK, and didn't get back totally skint! ;-)
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John Turner
Hi John, you have no idea how skint!! (Actually nor do I yet!!) Great to meet you and yours at last, will E Mail you of list later. Rob
Really good to meet with you Rob (and your gorgeous wife) after all this
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Rob Kemp

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