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Hi all Probably been asked before, but I just received the remarkable class 50 (Thanks John) and pulled off the body to insert the decoder. What are the other 4 pins or rather sockets next to the 6 decoder sockets or am I missing something. Nothing in the instructions Rob

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Hi, Make sure you have a modified DCC socketed class 50, or you will fry your decoder if you plug in the wrong way. I'll probably get damned for stating old news but it may save you frying tonight. Dunno about the extras though.

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Rob wrote:

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Robert Wilson

"Robert Wilson" wrote

Rob's got one of the latest class 50s and unless Hornby have reverted to fitting the original & faulty circuit board then that's not an issue.

My own DCC efforts are at a very early stage, so don't want to put my foot in it by making an DCC suggestions.


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John Turner

The decoder socket has 8 holes, not 6, just pull out the dummy plug and insert the 8 pin plug on the decoder. Pin 1 should be marked but if the lights don't work properly its the wrong way round so just turn it 180 and try again. Keith

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