Glueing the hoses to the buffer beam of the Hornby class 50

Hi, What kind of glue should I use for glueing the hoses into the buffer beam of a Hornby class 50?


Rob Wilson

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Robert Wilson
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"Robert Wilson" wrote

You're lucky you can see them enough to worry about, I can't! Reckon superglue would do the job though - applied sparingly with a needle or a scalpel blade.


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John Turner

Hi John, What's better than the Hornby supplied ones. I know that various people supply extras and so on.



John Turner wrote:

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Robert Wilson

supply extras and so on.

Not really anything that beats them in the aftermarket.

You'll need to slightly enlarge the holes in the buffer beam and remove the paint from the hose 'tails' that you insert into the beams. Even thogh the Hornby chassis is metal it is quite easy to drill and I use a pin vice with a suitably sized drill bit and not an electric drill for this.

Use superglue sparingly as John suggested to retain them.

Hold the pipes in tweezers with a very small amount of bluetack [sp?], insert into the enlarged holes and wait 20-30 seconds for the superglue to cure before releasing the tweezers and removing the bluetack.

Expect to spend an hour on your first 50 but by the time you reach your

9th [and 3 more to go here!] this task could be accomplished in as little as 20 minutes.


Mark F

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