Rolling stock connectors and uncouplers.

Hi All,

I now have a small number of Bachmann Loco's and am looking for a more realistic looking form of connection between the rolling stock. The small Bachmann connectors I feel are an improvement on the Hornby version, but is there a better and more realistic option?

I would also like to have the option of electically uncoupling the rolling stock in a couple of areas. Suggestions as to suitable electrical uncouplers would be gratefully received.

Regards, Eddie.

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Edward Bray
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There are many, eg the Jackson coupling, which is inconspicuous and can be made in a magnet-actuated form. I'm sure you'll get a fair amount of advice, much of it more partisan than objective. Next to wheel and track standards, nothing raises people's adrenalin as much as good argy bargy about couplers. :-)

IMO, it all depends how unrealistic you are willing to let the coupler be. All model train couplers represent a compromise one way or another. Even 3-link couplings aren't exact scale in anything smaller than S (1:64, leastways not if they can be un/coupled by the operator. And

3-link screw couplings are essentially impossible in any scale smaller than O. Even the Sergent version of the knuckle coupler, which is exact scale in all major dimensions, doesn't use the prototypical method of opening and closing the knuckle, and it can't be remotely uncoupled.

You want inconspicuousness, reliability, and ease of uncoupling. If you don't plump for the Jackson or one of it competitors, I think you would find that the knuckle coupler (buckeye coupler) made by Kadee and its emulators (including Bachmann) is very reliable. It can be uncoupled both with both fixed permanent magnets and electromagnets installed under the track or between the rails. One of its main advantages is that there are many varieties of shank and under/overset coupling heads, so that one can find one that will fit almost every loco with minimal or no modification to the chassis.

An alternative would be a Roco or Liliput style of coupling, which have the added advantage that you can get varieties that change coupling distance as the train enters a curve, thus avoiding buffer lock, yet allowing reasonably close coupling. I don't know how easy it would be to adapt these to Bachmann rolling stock.

Note that the reliability of all couplers depends on correct and consistent mounting height and distance from the end beam, as well as whatever fine tuning is required by the design's operating method.


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Wolf Kirchmeir

Thanks Wolf,

I appreciate the time you have taken and the depth of the information you have supplied. I will take a look at the options suggested and now that I have some brand names to look for can make a better decision after having done a bit more research on the internet.

I would still welcome other peoples input, as my decision will be better made with pros and cons from other contributors.

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