How did it do that?!

Ok so I go to , and nothing happens when i
click the video, of course, the very end when a flash kind of ad
comes up, and I clicked, my CD drive opens and my monitor shuts off. Whats going
on? How can a flash application do that?! Please Reply, maybe i can use the code
in some of my applications
idk if it works with Mozilla, I was using Internet Explorer (With flash player
installed, of course), on a Microsoft Windows XP CPU
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Ricky Forema
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It could have wiped you hard drive too. Dont click on links unless you know there save as the can execute malicious acts vie active X.
And dont post to as many NG as you can to see how many more Idiots there are.
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it's spam - an attempt to get the gullible to fsck their machines
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