How do you remove the body?

Hi folks,
More help please.
On Sunday I purchased a Triang Britannia Loco (R259) from a Toy Fair. The
loco has the motor in the engine body.
I would like to check out the motor to make sure the brushes and commutator
are OK and give the spindle a drop of oil.
My problem is that I don't know how to separate the body from the chassis.
I have looked at service sheets but they just refer to the mechanical
Can anybody help please?
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Haha, I thought from looking at the subject line that you were going to ask about how to model the suicide clean-up crew :-)
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David Cantrell
They only had one. The chassis slotted into the back of the body.
That's what Triang originally used until they introduced smoke units. when they had to move it.
If he's got the service sheets, he should see the small flat-headed screw but not the body.
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Christopher A. Lee

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