Is old book any good?

bought some old 'Model Railway News' mags:
May 1970:
"British Goods Wagons From 1887 To The Present Day"
R.J.Essery, D.P.Rowland and W.O.Steel.
The review looks excellent.
Does anyone know this book? Is it worth chasing to find a copy?
Is the same material covered better in more recent books?
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Greg Procter
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Never seen any poor book with his name on it. Rowland is another good author. Depends what you are interested in. If its LMS then recommend The LMS Wagon by Essery and Morgan, quite a modest size but packed with excellent info. If Midland then Midland Wagons by Essery, volume 1 and 2 - think either one or both has recently been reprinted.
CHeers, Simon
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Creeping up to silly prices ;) The copy on Amazon was £19 ... but £25 is not too bad, and I can show SHMBO the £120 price on Amazon and say it's an investment :)
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Lester Caine
I'd have bought it at the reasonable price but not at the silly money prices! I will put it on my list of books to check every once in a while.
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Greg Procter
OK, so I did briefly wander into the 70s, musically. 80s was that stupid pointing at the lights, pointing at your crotch dancing stuff and I had children and a layout to raise. The 60 was the proper music era, although I was in a band in the late 60s and missed the odd year or two.
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