I'm full of admiration for the folks who build those huge structures
shown on the Linka World website, they either have immense reserves of
time and patience or a truly prodigious collection of moulds!
I'm building a retaining wall with arches, in the classic style, and
thought I'd use Linka for it. Twenty spans or thereabouts, and I can
cast maybe four or five a day. I'm getting better with practice but
it's clear that the more pourable the plaster mix, the better the
result, but that also takes longer to be ready to remove from the
moulds. With a good pourable mix I reckon at least two hours before
it's safe to separate and then 24-48 hours to cure. Plastikard glued
to plywood is a lot quicker! Sadly the brick sizes are different
enough that you can't really mix the two. Never mind, modelling is as
much about the building as the finished article, eh?
On the subject of Linka, does anyone else here use it? Any handy tips
to share? The moulds never seem to be quite flat, I guess the mortar
grooves are deep enough that a very light application of wet & dry to
even things up will not do any harm.

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Just zis Guy, you know?
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As ever with these one off modelling jobs, you know exactly how best to do it by the time its finished !
Cheers, Simon
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"Just zis Guy, you know?" wrote
I've got a couple of customers who have used it in the past, but the product range was sold to some outfit in the USA and I don't know that it was ever imported from there.
Is it still available in the USA?
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John Turner
Damn, credit card in danger again. Incidentally, I have found some stuff called resin plaster that seems to cast better and with fewer air bubbles, and sets much harder. Has anyone here tried it? Guy
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Just zis Guy, you know?
From the Linka site:
"We have also updated a link on our "Linka Links" page to include a new plaster and arts supplier recommended by Mr. E. Edwards of the UK. Maragon Arts and Crafts is a great shop. They even offer free plaster samples - be sure to check them out!"
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Lobby Dosser
I used Linka for a long retaining wall. Given the hassle of remaking all the joints align and so on, if I were to have to do it again I'd look seriously at making one arch "unit" reasonably well, then making my own mould from that for further mass production.
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Arthur Figgis

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