Model Railway Webcam

I read a thread on here a few months back about webcams on model railways.
But no-one had seem to have done it.
So, i went and did it.
Quality of my cam is not great (what should I expect for less than £20),
but the principle is there, and the proof that it can be done.
Currently the cam is set at the end of my yard (storage shelf), though
you can see the occasional train on the main and branch lines in the
Url should be something like... http:\\
If anyone can tell me if it works from out there on the internet, I'd be
If it does, I'll get a couple more cams set up, and do it properly :-)
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Ian Cornish
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"Ian Cornish" wrote
I got a page could not be found error, but if you're suggesting a link directly into your own pc you may be contravening your ISP's terms & conditions.
The norm is to feed the link into a website and allow it to be viewed from there.
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John Turner
I have a very amenable ISP, and they support this, as long as it's not overused.
There is something ultrastrange going on... using IE, it does not work, but if you go into Media Player, it works fine.
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Ian Cornish
Works here (on inputting url directly into Media Player) - it doesn't seem to want to play directly from the URL in Firefox.
PS: A guess at the stock: Tri-ang 'Nellie' and 7 plank wagon (far right siding) ? (mid-shot) Hornby 2-6-4 Tank plus BR maroon and western region Mk1s (main clockwise) Hornby Hymek & short freight (conflat, open wagon and long wheelbase brake) (main anticlockwise)
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R M Shemilt
Not bad guesses... Actually, mid-shot is the Hornby Collector Club 2005 0-4-0 with a toolvan and brake van (kit built - just finished) The rest is spot on...
Haven't quite got around to acquiring enough stock to actually form proper consists, but as time and money allow, I will do.
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Ian Cornish
"Ian Cornish" wrote in message >
Didn't work on my computer. XP SP2 with big video card.
Alistair Wright
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Alistair Wright
I just get a server error when putting the url into Media player, a timeout error in Firefox, and "cannot find server" in IE. Nice idea, but it doesn't seem to work! Has anyone else done this successfully? Maybe they could give Ian some help.
On 12/03/2005 18:29, Alistair Wright wrote,
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Paul Boyd
The cam has been off-line for a couple of days, due to fatherhood responsibilities taking priority. I've put it back on-line for an hour or so, until 13:00 GMT (Sunday).
As an experiment, streaming video takes a lot of processing time, and the quality seems to be linked directly to the quality of the camera. Someone mentioned the "snapshot" method - that works very well using standard HTML, and I've had that running for a while too.
I really wanted to do the streaming so I could re-apply the techniques/theory to a project at work.
Anyway, thanks all to the feedback. Looks like the technology needs some maturing/investment to make it work properly.
Paul Boyd wrote:
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Ian Cornish
Gosh! That is surprising.
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