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The February 2005 edition of Model Railways On-Line Magazine is now available on our website at

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for you to download.

We would welcome your feedback and comments about the magazine. In particular, let us know what you would like to see. We can't please everyone all of the time but we'll have a good try! Please contact us through our website or post your comments in the discussion group. Enjoy!

Graham Plowman

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Comments on the magazine content: It is good to see MROL continuing to find material, I did wonder if there would be enough to keep it going after the first couple of issues. I usually find something worth reading within - keep plugging away.

Download speeds: They are somewhat slow this time - yesterday things crawled to the throughput one would expect on dialup, today it was a little better, taking

3 or 4 minutes to download an "enhanced" file (about half the speed I usually see on broadband).

Content Detailed Comments: Ian Morgan's layout isn't N gauge as stated on the contents page. Picky I know, but its as bad as calling a P4 or EM layout "OO". There is a piece in the current Model Railway Journal on the Heljan Western, which includes a detailing kit (from a 3rd party) for the brake components mentioned in the MROL review. Anyone interested in making minor upgrades (there appears to be little seriously wrong with the model) to the Western might find the MRJ piece useful.

- Nigel

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Nigel Cliffe

I have seen 2 reviews, one slated the western the other really liked it.....

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