Netherlands: Rail 2008 wants layouts. 7.8.9 March

I've just had a letter, as a previous exhibitor (some time ago), asking
if I have a new layout that might suit for a trip to Holland.
Or, if I might "scout" for any
"top modelmakers... presenting their work, dioramas and model railway
Last time I took "St. Torpids Creek" and had a wonderful time with ferry
crossings, accommodation and most meals paid for.
Though I'm not sure I class myself as "top modelmaker"
This time they will be in Euretco Expo Center in Houten near Utrecht.
More details I don't have as yet, nor, in the middle of a house move, do
I have an operational *new* exhibition layout
(I thought the change of region would give a new lease of life to the
old one!)
Alex Fichtinger is inviting short e-mails to in the first
I'm not sure about scouting, but I thought I'd put up smoke signals here
to see if anyone might be interested.
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Chris Brown
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