Queen of Scots Golden Plover 60031

Please can anyone help.
I am hoping to sell this Hornby set which is as new including the box on
eBay and am wondering what I can expect to be offered,

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The minute your train set left the shop it was worth half of what you paid for it. An initial bid on eBay is likely to be half as much again. If you set the opening bid any higher than that you are unlikely to receive any bids at all. Pick a closing time for the auction when many modellers are likely to be on line. Saturday morning is good as also is Sunday evening. In my experience bids don't increase significantly after more than seven days. That also makes it very easy to select the start/finish time. Check if someone else is auctioning a similar item. You can often steal a bid by undercutting them on postage even if it means taking a slight loss. Bring the date forward too if that means your item will sell sooner than their's.
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