Railway Films on the BBC web site.

This might interest some...

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Along with many other subjects the BBC 'Nation on Film' web site have a number of short railway films (anything from 30 seconds to 4 minute long) for viewing on-line. One clip shows the Woodhead line in the 1960's with EM1 and 2's as well as steam, other deal with S&T whilst a selection deal with the Flying Scotsman loco post 1963.

Obviously best viewed via broadband.....

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":::Jerry::::" wrote

Thanks for that Jerry, the feature on Normanton (my home town from

1948-1970) was particularly interesting and some of the NUR men featured stir memories from that era.


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John Turner

Excellent. Loved the Buffer Test movie, though the date on the web page is wrong, as the movie itself says 1945 (web page says 1939).

Anyone modelling LNER would find this to be an invaluable resource.


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Ian Cornish

I found this quote to be particularly amusing........

"LNER experimented with a jet engine mounted on a wagon to clear the line but found it also blew the ballast away breaking windows in signal boxes and railway huts as well as destroying fences!"


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Craig Douglas

In message , Craig Douglas may have written...

Thats fantastic, it just like one of those things you'd expect an elderly eccentric Uncle to get up to, isn't it? (Well it's the sort of thing mine would get upto anyway!)

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James Christie

It isn't that original. The RAF used to mount a jet engine on a trailer and tow it up and down to clear ice from runways.


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