Removing the body of a Hornby 110

I have a Hornby class 110 (2 car) which is hopefully going to become a class
104 with the aid of a Craftsman kit.
The problem is that I don't seem to be able to get the body off either car.
Can anyone tell me how to do this without breaking anything? I found the 4
clips which attach the glazing to the chassis, but the body remains hast at
both ends. What am I missing?
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hi Adrian i found an item from a model rail mag on this prob ,i did try to send a scanned copy but it didnt work .It says there are clips on the side as you say but also some form of clip at the ends and to lift body off cab end first. It also says its difficult to do without breaking a clip or 2. Is yours a second hand model may be some one glued the body back on regards Bill
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Thanks. I found the other 2 clips recessed under one of the bogies. The Clips all hold the glazing in place, which in turn fit into the window openings on the body and hold it in place. I have managed to get it apart and have already mutilated one car by hacking off one of the headcode boxes in the wrong way. Time to get the filler out...
I've been taking photos as I go along, so if it turns out any good, I'll post them up as a web page - if anyone is interested.
DC Kits have been promising a 104 for quite a while. Now I've started this conversion, their kit will be out next week...
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