Request for info on old Arnlod N gauge locomotive.

About 15 years ago a friend of mine died, and shortly before he went, he
gave me this locomotive. Does anyone know anything about it? I'd be
fascinated to know something about it.
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Robert Wilson
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"Robert Wilson" wrote
It's a model of a Swiss 'Krokodil' electric locomotive. I've no idea why it's finished with that tacky looking gold.
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John Turner
At a guess, the horrible finish is something for the "collector" market. Arnold did occaisionally do oddball things aimed at them.
As a model (finish aside), its quite decent for its period. Arnold usually made decent models. As for value, who knows; some things seem to go for very silly money on Ebay.
It should run fine on normal N-gauge track, though if its been standing unused for 15 years, the bearings may benefit from **tiny** quantities of clock oil. Clean wheels with care (avoid agressive abrasives, they only scratch which encourages more dirt).
I think you can still see the real ones operating in preservation.
- Nigel
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Nigel Cliffe
Class Ce6/8 I 1'CC 1' or 2-6-6-2.
It is a "limited edition" version of their standard Swiss "Krokodil", but produced in one limited run with real gold plating. The gold doubled the purchase price! I'm not an Arnold fan/collector so I don't know the year it was released but somewhere about 1988-90 sounds about right. There were other models; the DRG BR 95 (2-10-2t) and KPEV P4.2 (4-4-0) spring to mind in other years.
Regards, Greg.P.
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Greg Procter

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