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Quite a few of the articles in US model railway magazines refer to "latex paint". I assume this is what here in the UK is emulsion. Can anyone confirm please? I got slightly confused when a US website stated that latex paints don't contain latex and a UK one said their green (eco not colour did). By emulsion I mean something like vinyl matt (interior walls for the use of) Thanks Tony

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Isnt Latex what condoms are made from? That would look strange on any layout...

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Rob Kemp

Just wonder if what the Americans call Latex is what we refer to as Vinyl . I can imagine latex getting stringy and you would be able to pull it off. . When I worked in the paint industry we never used latex at all but I worked in the glue industry we maked Latex glues which are good for sticking paper together but hopeless as a covering.


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John Firth

It's the kind of paint that can be thinned and cleaned up with water. It's technically acrylic-latex, if that's any help. High quality versions of it are offered as artist's paints, but you don't need that for a layout. Paint packaged for crafters is cheaper than artist's quality, and more than good enough. Delta and Ceramcoat are common brands here.

The nice thing about it is that it can be thinned to a wash, which is handy for not only scenery bust also weathering building and rolling stock. For a base colour on the layout, I use tan, sand, or a light earth. House paint will do nicely for this, and the local paint shop will mix any colour you want, too. Paint the whole layout with it, then paint with different coloured washes and add scenery materials as needed for each area. Good for sky on backboards, too.


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Wolf Kirchmeir

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