Flying Scotsman birthday tragedy

This being South Africa, DCC is not everywhere available (actually hardly anywhere), so for my son's birthday I ordered a DCC fitted Hornby Flying Scotsman loco from a supplier in the UK. Cost me a fair whack of money, but brought the desired amount of joy to young Andy, aged 9.

Children and expensive toys are not a good mix. 36 hours after the package arrived, Andy's younger friend managed to knock the brand new loco off the table. It sort of survived the fall, but a pin popped out of the connecting rod assembly, so the rods now hang loose and the loco is unusable.

I am sure that this isn't the first accident of this kind, so I wondered if anyone out there could tell me the best way of getting this fixed. Here in South Africa (Cape Town), there are few hobby shops, and they are retailers, not repairers. Hornby is a long way away in UK, and I am mindful of the fact that the actual manufacture of these items is now probably done somewhere in the Far East. We have the little pin that popped out. It is tiny indeed, but there must be some kind of craftsman working in some kind of business that can work with things this small.

Any ideas anyone.

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Ron McGregor
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You might try emailing Hornby explaining your situation, and asking if there is an easy way of fixing the pin back into position. They may suggest somewhere local to you that does repairs to their products, or if they are feeling really kind and generous they might possibly even ask you to send the loco back for replacement, although they might not.

But, it's worth a try.

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"crazyhorse" wrote

That would be my suggestion and I think you'll find that Hornby will bend over backwards to help you. It will probably involve returning the model to them here in the UK (likely) for repair, although I suppose they *may* have a Service Dealer in South Africa.


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John Turner

A watchmaker or other jeweller should have the skills and tools to do such a repair. Failing that, if you are near an airport, maybe a flight instrument specialist.

Good luck, Gordon

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Just found this :-

The H.R.C.A ( Hornby Railway Collectors Association ) of South Africa. Email only to the Secretary John D.Pain at

Hope you get it sorted !

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Dragon Heart

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