The WOW factory!

Well as one of those souls who will gladly hold up his hands and say I was a
sceptic, I have to say that the arrival into stock of the brand new Hornby
class 08 (BR green post August 1968 version only so far) has immediately
made me eat my words.
The new Gronk model has without any doubt got the WOW factor! The finesse,
quantity and quality of detailing leaves the Bachmann version for dead,
whilst the finish is infinitely superior. Running qualities too are
absolutely mind blowing and on a par with the best of my fleet of USA
The only thing which immediately hits me as being slightly disappointing is
the thickness of the springs on the outside frames. I make no claims for
accuracy of the model - it's only a matter of five minutes or so since our
supplies arrived and were unpacked, but anyway there are others with more
prototype knowledge than me who can eulogise or criticise as appropriate.
Best wishes,
John Turner,
53A Models, Hull, UK.
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John Turner
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Good news indeed John. Are they going to do a weathered one in early BR Green? That would be the one I want!! Rob
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Rob Kemp
"Rob Kemp" wrote
They've not announced such a beast as yet, but they are to do a Collectors' Centre Limited Edition version in BR green with a D3xxx number in the Autumn. Other than that the only other versions so far announced are BR blue and Civil Engineers (Dutch) grey/yellow.
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John Turner
I'm sure you realise that the latter will in fact be plain departmental grey, without the yellow! ;o)
Cheers, John.
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John Lancaster
*reaches for wallet*
When are the other two due?
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Rich Mackin
Careful John... Beast?
Next you'll be saying 'Suffice to say these beasts are awsom' (sic) and telling us that you have lots of bargains.........only for you! :-)
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Robert Flint
Is it DCC ready?
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Ed Callaghan
The latest Bachmann 08 has the earlier type hinges, improved pickups and is now "DCC Ready". It could be a while before Hornby produce a body mould for the early version.
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"Ed Callaghan" wrote
The exploded drawing which comes with the model suggests so, but I've not had the lid off yet to confirm this.
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"John Lancaster" wrote
It *might* also be a class 09, depending upon which of Hornby's descriptions you believe.
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John Turner
"44211" wrote
Not so far, they've only announced the post-68 green, BR blue, Civil Engineers grey and a Collector's Centre Limited Edition BR green with a D3xxx number so far.
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John Turner

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