Wolf Wagons

Picked up a limited edition G.W. crocodile G at Warley off Southampton MC
for the bargain price of £8! It came with an anchor as the "special" load
and was described as a limited set (500 produced) of 6 wagons produced by
"Wolf Wagons."
any one know who Wolf Wagons are and what the rest of the set consists of?
Not that I suspect I could pick the rest up for £8!
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Wolf wagons are a small private concern run by Cedric Martindale in Carlisle. The wagon in question was one of a range of 6 made as a limited run exclusively for 'much ado about trains' The other wagons were: An Iron ore hopper marked M.O.T A war Dept 'Toad' brake van. A Flat wagon with a cased aircraft propeller. A bogie bolster with a 25 pounder gun and limber. A Petrol tanker. The Limited edition certificate was packed with the Crocodile wagon. Incidentally, Cedric is the main man behind the scheme to re open the Penrith-Keswick branch in Cumbria. Mike H
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Thanks for the info.
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