anyone ever use a pulsed tig welder

anyone ever use a pulsed tig welder how was it did you use it on thin metal?
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Pete Sampogna
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Bloody marvelous!
I use pulse mode exclusively when working with 0.5mm (0.020") through 0.9mm (0.036") stainless.
I've found that there are two ways to use the pulse mode:
If you go to a very low pulserate (say 0.5 -1 second) you can coordinate the pulse with the introduction of the filler rod to the weld pool and produces a *loverly bead*.
If your welding where you don't need to add extra filler (forgotten the terminology) then winding the pulse rate up to 100Hz tends to make the weld pool just so much easier to manage. You can almost nudge things around with the arc in a way that isn't possible with an unpulsed setup.
Considering that pulsing is almost a freebie on most modern TIGs, it doesn't make sense to buy a machine without it if you plan to be doing any welding of thin material.
For the record - I'm not really a "welder" -- I'm self taught and have probably learned a lifetime of bad habits in just a few short years :-)
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Bruce Simpson
I've used it on Aluminum. It worked great, it was just noisy.
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Ken Tthompson

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