Bob - spool-gun GMAW Al?

Bob LaLonde - sorry lost your article / posting You are using GTAW / TIG? You could go for GMAW / MIG? You'd need 200-and-something Amps and mid-20's volts (* 240 25) ;; 6000 ;; about 6kW at the arc Probably most of 12kW power draw into the machine. Stops that idea at its inception?

The strong Ali-Mg 5000-series alloys are easy to use in a conventional GMAW machine - but there's some set-up involved - change

  • drive-rolls
  • liner of hose to gun / torch
  • contactor tip (that's nothing though)

Never used them, but - there are Ali "stick" rods. Someone I met who has says they are monster things. For your situation - few to do infrequently - might be the answer?

Reply on your thread and I'll pick-up there, but to be frank I think that's all I can offer.

Rich Smith

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