Canedy Otto Forge blower

I have finally decided to set up my old forge. I have a Canedy Otto
Manufacturing, Model H Western King hand crank blower that came with this
shop built forge. The blower seemed pretty stiff to turn so I disassembled
it expecting to wire brush and lube the gears inside the case. To my
surprise one of the gears was made from fiber and I think it is paper. I did
a little measuring and found the gear to be 1" wide, 40 tooth, 16 pitch and
I think 14 1/2 pitch angle. I think this gear is paper to reduce noise but a
plastic gear might serve the same purpose. To repair this old blower would
be my first choice. I have looked at a few gear vendor sites but haven't
found this gear but I did find this 1/2" wide, steel gear that looks to be
the right dimensions otherwise.
McMaster Carr 6325K19
Steel Plain Bore 14-1/2 Deg Spur Gear 16 Pitch, 40 Teeth, 2.5" Pitch
Diameter, 1/2" Bore
In stock at $29.22 Each
I have also been thinking of mounting a 1800 rpm motor on the blower and
scrap the hand crank gearbox. The other option would be to find a suitable
blower with an electric motor already mounted. Ideas? comments?
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Unless you're working mobile where there isn't power, or operating some sort of old time tourist demo, I'd certainly scrap the hand crank and replace it with a variable speed motor drive.
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Pete C.
I received the gear from MSC today and had to make some mods to it to make it work. At first I thought I should bore the .5 hole in the gear to match the .630 shaft but alas I don't have a boring bar that small and one I could borrow is 10 miles away. I decided instead to turn that portion of the shaft to .05. I accomplished that and then had to face the hub of the gear down to .775 so it would fit where the paper gear was. I then drilled and tapped a 1/4" hole for a set screw to fix the gear to the shaft. The old gear was held by a pin in a hole drilled diagonally through the shaft. I felt I would not be able to match the pin hole and it would be a pain to disassemble if need be. I don't have it completely together but the steel gear does make a singing sound when the gearbox is up to speed. I will keep you posted when I get the forge fired. Steve
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