Dinse welding connector problem

I have some Dinse style welding connectors. Basically they are a brass
piece that goes inside a rubber outer shell. I bought them cheap from
an ebay dropshipper (a bad story in itself) and they spent a while in
my garage. Now I am trying them to work and have a problem. The brass
piece just would not go all the way inside the rubber shell, no matter
how hard I push.
I suspect that at least part of the issue is that it is cold in my
garage, and that if I warm up the rubber with a heat gun, it should
become easier. Am I right? Am I missing some zen of dinse connectors?
I am aware that there are grooves that need to match the pattern on
the brass piece, and I align that properly, I think.
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Liquid soap will do the job.
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Nick Müller
They are a bloody good fit. Warming can help, as can a tyre lubricant.
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand

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