HF Cordless Sawzall deal

I need to chop a rear quarter panel off a truck in a junkyard and there is no AC power nearby so I decided a needed a cordles sawzall thing, but since I already have 2 corded Super Swazalls I couldn't see spending a lot of cash on one. I took a trip to Harbor Freight in Kent WA and found a 18v Cordless Reciprosaw for .....$20.

Yep they are on closeout special for $20 each. Comes with one battery and charger. I charged mine up and chopped through some steel tube just fine.

A spare battery is $35, so it is cheaper to buy a second saw to get a second battery, and that way you also have a spare saw since it will eventually fall apart as all HF tools do.

As long as it chops off a fender I am happy.

Just thought I would share.

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Ernie Leimkuhler
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Wonder if the first with the tool battery is of the same power rating as the second one. Might find the first is lighter than the 'upgrade' - but then one never knows until research is really done.

Sounds like a well worth trip - two batteries and two heads - and I bet some low cost blades as samples. Might have one good (long term) saw and one or two batteries with it.


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Martin H. Eastburn

Gee Ernie - I'm sorry you mentioned they had an outlet in Kent -- I have been avoiding looking, but now that you mention it, I guess I will have to stop in and see what they have that I just can't live without (but not too big or I can't live with it when my wife finds it !!).


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Mike Fields

I went back today and found out they were all sold out of the cordless sawzalls. I bought the display model for $15 to get a spare battery.

It worked great on the truck fender today. Zipped right through the sheet metal.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

AS a side note: It seems most of the imported power tools come with spare carbon brushes... has anyone had one that lasted long enough to replace those worn out ones? The Menards store in town, has Tool Shop brand Made In China of course. They have a two year over the counter exchange warrenty. Guess which angle grinder gets the wire brush duty : ) .

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