Lincoln Handy Core 100 Wire Feed Welder

I'm looking to buy a wire feed welder for my project "building 2 ornamental
gates for my entrance" and want to keep it for futur uses such as around the
house and repair the car muffler. My question is that the welder model
Lincoln Handy Core 100 is good for my needs. Here are the info for the
machine Lincoln Handy Core 100 Wire Feed Welder from the store
a.. Lightweight, portable welder operates from standard 115-Volt household
a.. Recommended for .035" flux-cored (self-shielded) welding of light-gauge,
mild-steel materials
a.. Standard accessories included: 1lb spool of 0.035" flux-cored wire, gun
and cable assembly
You don't have to guess that I'm very beginner in this field even though
I've already used stick welder few times in my life :-) Thank you in
advance for all your advices and recommandations.
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Run away quick, it's built for Lincoln by someone else so you can get parts from lincoln. ( so I'm told and judgeing from lackof info from Lincoln's site I think that may be true), flux core ONLY and 0.035" wire is pretty heavy for such a light welder. spend some more and get a better machine, this is a long time investment don't regret your decision, remeber if you find you don't use a better machine enough you can sell a good machine easier then a poor one. Perhaps you can find a used Miller or Lincoln, that's the route I went and I'm very happy about it. Hope this helps
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