Making a tig foot controler (Gloat)

With my new TIG weldor, I got a torch with remote control and no pedal. Worse: the pedal price list was something over 400 Euros and the pedal would plug IN PLACE of the torch controls, deactivating the weldor built-in sequencer (I know you don't really NEED a sequencer with a pedal, but it is quite nice anyway).

So at first I tried without a pedal. This is where I realised I needed hands with 8 fingers to move the torch slider when tigging. And aluminium kept melting on me near the middle of welds, where reducing your heat input would help.

This is when I google and found vague references about using a sewing machine foot control. Go to a sewing machine shop ("what machine do you have, sir?"), got an universal sewing machine pedal for (drumroll please) .... 20 Euros. Talk about a discount! Best: resistance of the potentiometer is the same than in the torch (0 to 10KOhm). Only problem: pressing the pedal will REDUCE amps, but this is not a problem for me. Instead of working like a "gas" pedal, it will simply work like a "brake" pedal.

Then, go to an electronic shop, get special connectors and cable (15 Euros all together), fire the welding iron and built a custom cable. Plug cable in weldor, plug torch control in cable, and voila! I have a better pedal, which leaves all torch controls active (except the slider, of course). Start welding, sequencer ramps up, when aluminium gets a bit hot, press pedal to reduce amps, at end of weld press button and sequencer ramps down. Nice.

...and a lot cheaper. :-)))

So if any other newbie like me thinks about a foot pedal... think sewing machine. ;-)

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If you can easily take your pedal apart you can reverse the top and bottom wires on the pot to make it work like a gas pedal. If there is only a top or bottom wire and the middle one (the pot's slider) but there is a unused connection at the bottom/top of the pot move the wire to the other end. Billh

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I suggest starting with a foot pedal from the latest Guitar players. The wa-wa ones and volume types. Often in second hand or hoc shops.

THey are set up with a pot that swings with the pedal - you can see it just change it out to the correct size.....

Add cable as needed....


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I thought about that, but on this particular pedal it will not work.

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