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Anyone have plans for a homemade rod oven for a small shop. I don't need to store a hundred pounds but need enough for several cartons.

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Hunt the garage sales in your area for a small used bar fridge.

Then install a 40 watt light bulb inside.

It is much quicker than building one from scratch.

Of course the only rods that need to be stored in such a way are the XX18 rods. The rest are perfectly happy in cans on a shelf.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Do follow Ernie's advice. Many rods do require a small amount of moisture to function correctly. They include-

6010 6011 6012 6013 7014 And others of similar composition.

These rods are best kept in some type of airtight container to protect from the elements and dirt, but heat should not be used.

7018, 8018, 9018, and other lo-hi rods should be kept in a heated rod oven for best results. Surf the website. They have a good article concerning rod storage there.

Good Luck brad

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now....... if I can figure out a way to keep the rods warm and the beer cold in the same fridge....

Also thanks Brad for the INFO as well


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. Keep the rods and the light bulb in the top part of the fridge

Freeze some blue ice containers and pack the blue ice and beer in well insulated cooler container, then put the cooler in the bottom of the fridge.

Heat rises to the top, cold settles down lower.

My idea anyway. remember hwat you paid for it!! snicker

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Dixon Ranch

Actually ... maybe you could design something that simultaneously cools your beer (or other beverage of choice) and keeps your rods hot. Since a refrigerator is actually a heat pump -- pumping heat out of the interior of the refrigerator to be dispersed in the coils outside

-- it would seem like one could fashion a box on the backside of a bar fridge to capture the heat from the coils. Of course, I would guess the refrigeration cycle would stop working when the heated box got hot enough that it couldn't transfer any more heat out of the coils ... so perhaps the beer would only stay lukewarm?

I think, in the interests of science and for the sake of edifying the members of this NG, someone should try this and see what happens. Any volunteers?

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Andy Wakefield

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