Welding Rod oven Free to good home

Free to good home but must collect from Darwen/Blackburn area.

Big, Blue hold a few hundred rods, temp control.



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I know what welding rod is and what an oven is, but cluelesss about what a welding rod oven is for?


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Steve W

Use it for putting your arc welding rods in. It dries them out, making them alot easier to use.

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For baking cakes with welding rods in, instead of files

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They're actually quite good for warming lunchtime pies.



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Tim Leech

It's used to remove any residual moisture from the flux on the rod.

I seem to remember reading that the water in the flux can cause hydrogen inclusions in the weld, but don't quote me on that. Charles will know the right answer.

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Duncan Munro

Some rods must be kept in a moisture free environment if out of their packaging for any length of time.

To meet code, for example (at least according to the manual we use at work), 7018 rod must be out of it's sealed package no more than 4 hours. It takes considerably more heat than a rod oven will provide to drive off the moisture, so prevention is the fix.

Other rods, like the 6011, actually require a bit of moisture in the flux to work correctly, and will give all sorts of greif if too dry.

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

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