Root cropper free to a good home

Root cropper free to a good home, located Central Manchester. Good order, ex Museum display, with a little tidying ideal for rallying. Claimant collects.

Please e-mail me if interested, first come first serve, space needed and I don't want it to go in a skip.

Cheers Anthony Coulls

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Anthony Coulls
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I guess what is meant is a root chopper, the kind of thing farmers used in the old days to chop turnips or mangel-wurzels into bite sized pieces for their livestock. Nowadays supplementary stock feed comes in bags from a big mill.

Most of the implement manufacturers maade them, Bamford, Bentall etc. In fact hinking about it, there may be a picture of on on Peter Forbes' site.

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Arthur Griffin

That's the thing, put it down to a typing error or what I've always called them if you will. Anyhow, it has a new home thanks to someone on this group, so thanks gents!


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Anthony Coulls

I didn't realise it was a typing error or whatever, I just didn't know what one was!!


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Chris Crocker - White

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