Anyone flying the Tower Kaos ARF?

Let's start a thread about this model. Its good and bad
Mine is on the bench as I type. I am impressed with the
construction and appearance for the price of $100 on sale.
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger
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Great Flying airplane. Goes together fast. Only complaints I have heard concern the covering and wrinkles.
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I built and fly the Tower KAOS which came in a kit a couple years back. KAOS is a great flying airplane. I just don't like ARF's, but I'm betting the Tower KAOS ARF will be good too.
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I built the Tower 'Kaos 46' last year but didn't get a chance to fly it. It's good that I didn't because I decided to switch engines. It now has an O.S. 55AX ABL 2-stroke. It can be seen on my website at 'Photo Gallery'>> My Planes >> Planes of Today.
Loose covering and wrinkles can easily be removed with a sealing iron.
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sky wrote:
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Earl Scherzinger
Well, I've hd three of them. Operative word is had. I guess I'm a little too slow to keep up with them and have crateder all three. I prefer the larger 60 and 75 size birds. I can see them better and have time to react. There are several KAOS at the field and the guys like them. Only complaint I have heard is the color scheme. Very hard to see in our bright blue sky in the AM. Guys have switched to yellow and black themes.
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Hi Earl!
I looked at UR "Planes of the past"
We have a similar history! Both sizes of Falcons, Skylark, Berkeley TriPacer!
The pix you have marked as a Skylane (Tri-Cycle) is actually a "Tri-Squire" kitted by Midwest.. I had the same GG Pulser! ...and it flew very well.
And I still have a VK Cherokee! - This is arguably one of the best flying R/C Models ever designed..
Nice site!
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I have "planted" 2 Kaos ARF's so far due to "dumb thumbs", and currently have 2 more in various stages of assembly (I found one at a swap meet for a song, I couldn't pass it up). The Kaos flys great.
As someone else said the covering isn't the greatest, but, it does the job.
There is one problem (actually 2 problems) that I have seen in multiple Kaos ARF's. The problems are simple to fix-if-you know about them before you assemble the model. I will tell you what the problems are, but first you need to do some building. Assemble the ARF, but, do NOT install the motor, fuel tank, or any R/C equipment. Also don't use any kind of threadlock compound at this time, just assemble the ARF.
Now that the ARF is together, loosely mount the motor to the motor mount. Make sure that the motor is tightened to the mount enough that you can't move it, but you don't have to tighten it all the way, you will be removing it again. Set the model on its landing gear and make sure it sits level. Now check the thrust line of the motor, you will probably find it has some built in up thrust. Shim the motor mount until you have a couple of degrees of down thrust. Every Kaos ARF I have seen so far has up thrust, the model flies much better if you have a little down thrust instead.
Now remove the wing and using some kind of tool (I used a Dial Caliper), to measure how far the motor mount screws protrude through the back of the firewall. Cut these screws off so that they are flush with the back surface of the firewall when the motor mount is installed. If you don't do this, eventually the screws will puncture the fuel tank, either when you install the tank and push it against them, or later due to vibration.
OK, now you can finally assemble the model using threadlocker on the screws, install the fuel system, motor, and radio system components. Don't forget to balance the model, and have fun.
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Ken Barnes
Thanks, Ken. These are things that should be checked on every model. Something like the upthrust problem could get past a seasoned veteran very easy, if he/she were the trusting type. After all, the manufacturers should know what they are doing - right?
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger

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