COX .049 enginnes and parts

Hi All
I have three COX .049 engines and parts, FREE to anyone who can and WILL
use them. One appears to be a marine engine.
These engines can bee seen on my website in the Photo Gallery under
'Planes of my Past', the last photo.
If interested, send me an email by picking 'Contact Us' in the left
column, then pick on my name (Earl).
Earl of Troy
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Earl Scherzinger
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Your World Engines Box Flyer from 1969 looks just like the Royal Coachman I'm currently building from RCM plans. What's the engine size on the Box Flyer?
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Robert Reynolds
You are correct! Two days ago I came across my old records in my tool box that indicated that plane WAS a Royal Coachman with a World Engines .19 engine.
Your email was a reminder to change my website. Thank You!
Check my website again. It has been corrected.
Earl of Troy AMA#40329 Website: http://rcobsessi> Earl Scherz>> Hi All
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Earl Scherzinger

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