DH2 Beaver color scheme

Hi there,
Had been looking for any photo's of the above mentioned aircraft and
was given a web page adress where I could see several real planes for color
schemes...I have since changed computers and have lost all adresses.. I have
a "unionville Hobby Beaver " almost ready ...I need photos......any web page
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Jim & Lil
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6 pages of Beaver images....
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I have a few pictures of Beaver C-FFHB which operated out of La Ronge for many years. I flew it once when it was moved temprarily up to Uranium City when I worked for Norcanair.
I'd be happy to email them to you. Tried to email to your address, but it bounced.
Regards, Lee Smith
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Lee Smith
Thank you all...... Mr Hawkins, your 'master index " I have saved and is a larger collection that I have ever had...thgank you and Lee Smith....Thanks for the e:mail and I have found your Beaver C-FFHB at that same site.....warmest regards to all.... Jim
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Jim & Lil

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