I find hovering to be easier than a good four point roll. A good torque roll is another thing. Most people I see doing 3D don't seem to care about precision. But it is a something to watch an expert doing both normal pattern and 3D with precision.

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I fly gliders and couldn't agree more. the whole extreme 3D flying is beyond me. Why don't they fly a proper helicopter instead of a fixed wing aircraft? Their aerobatics are an insult to the wings on their plays since they seem to ignore those wings completely.


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Ewout Boks

Oh my god, why would anyone want to fly a glider, they climb up to a little dot and fly around in a little circle while you get a stiff neck. Its just beyond me. Oh my god, why would anyone want to fly an electric, unless you spend a grip of cash, they only stay in the air for 5 minutes or so then you gotta spend the rest of the day re-charging the batteries. Its beyond me. Oh my god, why would anyone fly a helicopter, they only buzz around making a lot of noise but cant fly with any speed and they make a lot of smoke. Its beyond me. Oh my god, why would anyone wake up in the morning, you only have to keep breathing all day, and daylight makes you keep blinking your eyes and you just end up going back to sleep later that night anyway. Its just beyond me. Oh my god, why would anyone want to drive to the local flight field, you just have to find a place to park and unload your vehicle and you are only going to have to re-load the vehicle and drive back home anyway. Its just beyond me. Oh my god, why would.... How about because some people ENJOY it??? For the record, I: have gliders, electrics, wake up and breathe, drive to the field. I do not have a helicopter. Yet.

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Fubar of The HillPeople

And Dan DID say, "I do not have a helicopter....."

I'm a firm believer that all diehard heli flyers also believe in self-flagellation......

There's hope for you yet, Dan.


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Bill Fulmer

With the right model, you can fly any way you wish. That's why God made the throttle.


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Bob Adkins

We recently had a combat meet, and on several flights, the most experienced pilots (with full streamers and some pieces sticking to their wings) would fly low and slow while the less experienced, streamer-less pilots, would zoom by them at full throttle..... fun to watch. Just because you have the power doesn't mean you have to use it. . Arne, USA

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Hmmm! Now there's a line to pass off to Muncie!

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Beer and cheese.


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Bob Adkins

This thread began in part with a comment on judging at the Nats:

I won't verify the statement nor accept it as valid, but some of the comments here demonstrate a naiveté that can only be described as "amazing!"

Are those of you who scoff too young to remember the Navy-manned Nats when we actually had IMPARTIAL judges? My efforts in National competition were primarily in Control Line Combat. I can say without reservation that AMA absolutely ruined the concept of a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP when they turned the competition over to Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Combat in particular was turned over to MACA, Miniature Aircraft Combat Association...

I could write a book here - as TRUE competition and Sportsmanship are near and dear to me - but, before you attempt to offer any form of rebuttal, please demonstrate your knowledge of the issues by answering the following questions:

In which event(s) is (are) the WIFE (WIVES) of a prominent contestant(s) the EVENT DIRECTOR? [Hint: If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, smells like a duck, it must be a ...? Appearances matter! Can you imagine Major League Baseball writing rules, creating schedules, umpiring games all season long - and then turning over umpiring of the World Series to the wives of ONE team?]

In the 1970s you'll find a tie for 4th place in Open Combat - Bob Baldus and Ron Esman. In a single elimination NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, how can 2 people possibly advance to the same (trophy) position? [Hint: Earl Witt, then AMA Secretary, had seen and heard enough. MACA judges, declaring MACA members winners regardless of what we all saw, and refusing to act on protests in direct violation of AMA rules. Even when roughly 50 witnesses signed.]

I for one would like to see the organization which purportedly "governs model aviation" take responsibility for conducting a true NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP rather than an "old boys club" get-together.

Dennis Le> BS! Kind of tough to do when there is more than one judge. Sounds like the

w> I flew against one kid at the nats whose GRANDMOTHER was a judge. If that

Jim Branum writes:

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Dennis Leonhardi

Yes, I have been to a few extreme fun fly clubs and must admit that seeing an airplane take off and immediately hover a few feet above ground was way off what I was used to. I dont think it is flying as I know it. I think it brings the spot lites on the hobby due to the extreme nature which might help fill the slots. I usually walk away thinking if you want to hover and dance, use a helicopter. It also reminded me of Northrups attempt to make a VTOL prop airplane... It reallly took a lot of horsepower.

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jim breeyear

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