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Many of you didn't like the lack of information I provided when I announced my last auction here.

So, I won't tell you I have two items up: 5909239213 "Mig Alley", and

5909240058 "F-86 Sabre In Action", both by Squadron/Signal. I won't put the link in 'cause I still haven't figured it out. I won't tell you they are available only to the USA, and originate in the Charlotte, NC area. I won't tell you they started at $2.00 ea. I won't tell you the shipping for each is $4.50, and I will combine. I won't ask you to look, and I won't thank you for looking and bidding.

This message was never typed and you never read it.

Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"

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You didnt tell me what color they are... ;-)

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Fubar of The HillPeople

He also forgot to tell us his wifes maiden name and his credit card number ;-)

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