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I just completed building an F6F Hellcat and I have a paint question. I have
some Testors Sea Blue enamel paint in the bottle and want to dillute it down
for brushing. What would you recommend for thinning the paint? Can I use the
Aero Gloss dope thinner? I have a can of this already.
Thanks in advance.
Joe A.
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Assuming you are building a plastic display model, use Testors Brush Cleaning Thinner. That is the only proper solvent and comes in 1 /34 oz bottles. Using Aero Gloss thinner will result in a substance similar to chewing gum - don't use it. If this is a gas (glow) powered model, Testors enamel is not fuel proof and would need to be overcoated with a clear Urethane enamel after drying for a week or two. Earle
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