Old Receiver as a Freq Monitor?

Hi, I have an old Futaba wide band FM receiver that works. Can I use it to
monitor my freq. (ch 56)? I'm thinking of hooking up an old flight pack battery
and using a sevo output to a speaker so I can hear if anything is on my freq.
Will it work? TIA, Dan.
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Yes, it probably would. You will get a more interesting burble ourt of it if you couole up to teh decoder input rather than a servo output.
Its likely you will hear adajcent channels as well, so play around until you get the feel of what its telling you.
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The Natural Philosopher
Not reliably. When you turn it on, it may lock on just about any old crap within its range and give you a false reading. Others may just sit and wait for the proper signal level. Your receiver will also be open to adjacent channel interference as well as pager and industrial transmitter operation.
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Paul McIntosh
It would be the devil to hear, because the frequency works out to be 666 Hz .
Should sound like a low buzz.
Dunno how the receiver will like the loading, though . . .
Maybe easier to use a servo and let it wave a flag . . . cut out the pot and mechanical stop and let it spin like crazy. Should get your attention. Cheers, Fred McClellan The House Of Balsa Dust
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Fred McClellan
it is a good idea to watch your channel before starting your TX, but if you are smart you rip the signal BEFORE the digital servo driver part, then connect that AUDIO signal to a little audio amp with volume controll.. if channel is free you will hear white noice ! if there is any disturbance or channel mixing from other transmitters due to too close standing then you will hear the buzz/humm sound that is typical for RC stuff.. you can always turn on your own TX to hear how it sounds to get the feeling. this is a good way and cheap too, to test if "your" channel is free.. but it is no garantee that it will stay clean while your plane is in the air :-) Good luck
I have even used old RX for wireless trainer system, ripping the PPM signal out just before the digital servo part, but after the clipper, you will how ever need to get the signal before that clipper so it will be nice audio.
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Thomas Scherrer OZ2CPU
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