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RCU has offered sub-forums to the AMA discussion forum to the candidates for AMA office. So far, Dave Mathewson is taking and answering questions on the site in his bid for the AMA presidency. Mathewson also has a web site at

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Tony Stillman has a web site at

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in his bid for VP in D5.

It will be interesting to see if other candidates follow suit.

Anyone know of any others sites hosted by the candidates?

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Dunno FF, but I do find it interesting that the standout candidates do. Tell you what though, if Dave M and Tony S win, then every future candidate will have a web site


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Abel Pranger

Will be interesting to see if a web presence has any significant impact on the results. By all rights it should but, how would one tell for sure?


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Yeah, not too happy that they automatically added that to my Subscribed Forums. Since been removed.

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Fubar of The HillPeople

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