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Always range check you radio after any crash.

Ok I just experienced my first "crash". Somewhat minor but a crash >none the less. I caught a wing tip on landing and did sort of a cart >wheel landing. Most serious damage appears to be a broken motor >mount. It does not seem to have damaged the bulk head. There was a >slight crack in the bottom of the fuselage that was easily epoxied but >the rest of the the plane appears fine. I am replacing the engine >mount and the prop. Is there anything else I should check or replace? > >Thanks for the help. > >Ray Crane > > > > > >

remove my-wife to reply :-)

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Wing, horizontal stab and vertical fin attachments. Elevator and rudder hinges.

EVERY servo, linkages, servo mounts, the Rx, the battery, and the switches.

Landing gear/attachment.

Cheers, Fred McClellan the dash plumber at mindspring dot com

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Fred McClellan

Since your plane did a 'cartwheel' and broke the mount, I'd take a look at the engine. Pull the carb and backplate and flush out any dirt, etc. Check the crank making sure that it isn't 'tweaked' or bent.

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Doug Dorton

AND the wing mounting system....If your plane uses dowels in the front of the wing, CHECK THEM OUT VERY CAREFULLY!!

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Bob Severance

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