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Hey Guys, It has been a while. The newsgroup is sort of slow since the last time I was here. I have been out of circulation since 2003, but I could only stand it so long and am interested in finding some plans for one of the old Thompson Trophy or Bendix Cup Racers from the 30's. I can't deal with ARF's since there is no challenge to building the bird. I have to build from plans in order for me to enjoy the airplane. I am interested in 1/4 - 1/3 scale range. I found some nice plans on Wendell Hostettler's website that I have been drooling over for years but I wanted to check to see if anyone knoew of any others that might around that I don't know about, like the Laird's Super Solution, TravelAir Mystery Ship, Lockheed Vega, etc. Basically looking for a fixed gear plane. Thanks a bunch,

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Paul Matt had some detailed drawings but they have to be blown up to whatever size and you have to devise your own structure. I have built 1/4 scale 1930s Howard Pete, 1920s Curtis R6 bipe, Verville R3, and a Navy wright NW1 sesquiplane. All fly well except for the Curtis R6 which is very squirrely and needs careful coordination of rudder and ailerons to turn.

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