AC 2004 LT, export all text to a text file

Hi, I am using acad 2004 LT and wish to be able to run a script that
grabs all the free text on the screen and exports it to a text file,
be it .csv or tab deliminated. I know how to program VB and C++, but
this is beyond me at the moment.
I don't need to look into blocks and all that, I just need the text
freely available on the screen.
Can one of you kind lads post some script code please.
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I think you're going to need a lisp for that, Stu. Scripts just run commands, and there's no combination of commands I can think of that will do what you want.
A laborious, but low tech solution might be to DXFout the drawing and then use a word processor to cull all the junk. The beginning of each text object's data will begin with
The value of the text object will follow the value "1" a few lines later...
A simple lisp would handle this but won't run on vanilla LT.
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Michael Bulatovich
OK, thanks for that, I thoughthat script might have been a new word for LISP.
Thanks Stu
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