Export/Import Acad LT 97 attributes

1. I'm looking for a way to import acad lt 97 attributes
programmatically to a database but haven't found a proper
way to do it avoiding the user dialogs. (asking for the
definition template name and output file name). Can these
paths be put in system variables and skip the user dialogs or
is there some other workaround? I've been using DDE for
sending commands.
2. The above was what I have been trying after
failing to get an acadlt object in VB to direcly
access the LT properties and methods. (type library fails).
Can this even be done? I recently heard that LT 97 does
not reveal it's objects and ?
3. The best choice would be to directly read attribute values
from the *.dwg files without ever launching the acad. Would
somebody know a way to do this (sample code?) without
purchasing any 3rd party apps?
Propably I haven't tried the best way yet as I obviously am
not aware of it so I appreciate all help I can get;)
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